GYARU ME2 @ 109 - mark your calendar!

Merry Christmas Eve! I have to say that first and foremost! It's not very important on Christmas eve here in the US, but I know that's the main event in Europe so I hope all my readers are having a very merry Christmas time!

Well it's Friday, which should mean FHF, but since it's a holiday I thought it would be good to do something different. I kinda feel bad, like I'm singling someone out if I post FHF on a holiday TT

So instead I have a great announcement! Can you guess?? Yes! It's a gyaru meetup at Shibuya 109 this January:

I want to thank Roxanne for making the great graphic! 

You can check out the facebook event page for this meetup here, so everyone can RSVP there (or here, Rox's and Charlotte's blogs too) Please Please Please come if you can make it!! (and please bring your friends) Can you tell I want you to come? XD

If you have any suggestions for activities, or places to grab a bite please feel free to leave a comment. The date and time is set, the FB page is up and if new info arises I will post an update^^/

See you at 109!
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