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Now that I'm back and settled in Minnesota, getting my affairs back in order, it's about time that I write about my trip to DisneyWorld. I think it will be a nice break to write about something other than fashion for a bit. Now it hardly seems that I was in place with palm trees just a week ago, but I was!

The icon of Epcot, the ride Spaceship Earth is inside this!

I want to introduce each park in DisneyWorld, and first up is Epcot! I think Epcot has the 2nd most visitors annually of the four DisneyWorld parks, Magic Kingdom is by far #1 of course haha! The theme of Epcot is like the world and science I guess I would say.

It's basically divided into two part, the front half has areas called The Lands, The Seas with Nemo and friends, Innovations, Energy etc. This is where most of the rides are, but thrill rides are not main point of Epcot, learning new things is the focus! Some areas in Epcot may be boring for little kids for that reason.

Some decorations of the Seas with Nemo and friends!

The Mission Space ride, which made my poor mom sick. It's actually pretty hard-core haha (someone threw up before we got on XO)

The back half of the park is called the World Showcase (and this is probably the most boring part for kids). Where there are small areas dedicated to different countries. There are buildings, restaurants, landscaping and shops all replicated to look like the origin country. There is Mexico, China, Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Morocco etc.

All the Christmas decorations were up, and in the World Showcase you could learn about Christmas in other countries. They also had a candle-light choir at night!

Story-tellers explaining about Christmas in Norway. 
Too bad it wasn't really Norway, so I couldn't meet the fab Norwegian gals XD

A tiny Christmas village decoration!

The World Showcase is meant to show you a bit about other countries without having to leave the US, its very lovely to look at but there are only 2 rides in this area (Mexico and Norway) so most people just eat, take photos and especially drink!

I personally don't understand why people want to get drunk at Disney, but alot do XO Magic Kingdom has no alcohol, but you can easily find it at Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Mickey and Mini shrubs dress up for Christmas!
 I make beautiful faces on the Spaceship Earth ride!!

Epcot is also the place where you can find all things Duffy now, and that was one of my favorite parts honestly haha. I will write a seperate post on Duffy so I won't go into details now. I also really liked riding the Spaceship Earth ride and making hideous faces so I could see them on my cart's moniter haha!

The Christmas tree at Epcot, yep, it was huge!

This park is very lovely for adults and strolling, the architecture is so pretty in the world showcase, but its not very fun honestly. We spent two of our days there, and I think that's actually too much. One day is enough to explore Epcot, or just to grab a Duffy bear XD

I have a lot more Epcot pics on my Picasa, so make sure to check them out!
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