Popteen January issue Picks!

Good evening, I'm writing to you from grey, cold and snowy Minnesota again. It was really hard to leave DisneyWorld and Florida, especially because the weather had gotten so nice yesterday. I was able to walk around in just a tshirt, to me that's perfect winter weather haha!

I was also able to meet the very beautiful and lovely Robin, of Bulaklak Tribe. It's always hard to leave new friends, and if I may be so presumptuous I felt me and Robin clicked/got along well. I'm gonna post about our meetup next, but I gotta edit some pics first, so you are getting Popteen Picks instead XD haha!

I liked the maxi dress coordinate because I thought it was a nice way to re-use something languishing in your closet since summer XD It's not spectacular, but its a nice concept. I really liked Marika's outfit, the waistmark belt helps make that dress look less pregnant-y haha!

Again picking out the leopard print outfits, but the far left and middle right are oufits from the low price shops coordinates article. That section made me want to shop at Jam Pixy and Shimamura again haha! Again Marika's coordinate is really inspiring XD

The far left outfit might come as a surprise, as it's not my style but I think its really nice. The middle one is really my favorite of the whole lot though, so simple but bold I think^^

This month's (January actually, cause its a month ahead like that haha) issue had more interesting coordinates for me I felt. I mean out of over 200 pages I only picked 14 outfits, but I had pretty good reactions to these^^
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