Meetup with Robin at DisneyWorld!

Oh good night, it's a sleepy night for me because the past two nights I barely slept. I'm really hoping that tonight it going to be a normal night of sleep, and no weird dreams either haha! But I have a bit more energy to write another post today!

I really want to post about my meetup with Robin CF before too much time passes, we met up on Friday. It was the second to last day in my trip to DisneyWorld and we met up in the Magic Kingdom. I had (and still have) a sinus infection and was feeling so sick I didn't dress up or makeup at all.

We had matching Duffys!

And Robin looked so beautiful, I felt so ashamed that I didn't make an effort to try and look presentable. I should have atleast done what gyaru models do when their sick - wear big sunglasses or a face mask XD haha!

But Robin was so lovely and kind, I felt very comfortable and mostly forgot about my sickness/appearence hehe^^ It was nice because I think we share similar outlooks on things, so it was easy to talk with her. Robin says she's heading up here in the spring, so I am really happy I can meet her again soon!
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