A bit about Purikura!

Hi friends, today I'm writing about something I'm sure many people out there love - yes, purikura! If you're like me, the only chance for you to take purikura is when you travel. Be it to Japan or another country/state with machines. But if that's the case, and you've never had the chance to try purikura yet then I hope you enjoy this post haha!

Purikura are photo booths that after taking your photo allow you to decorate the photo using a pen tool and a monitor. After you decorate your pictures they are printed out on a small card size sheet of sticky-back paper. Then you can stick them on anything!

A purikura arcade

Purikura プリクラ, a name derived from the English "Print CLub" came about in the mid-90s as a joint venture between Atlus and Sega. Early machines did not have many of the features that you can see today in modern purikura machines. But standing in front of a green screen to change the background, good lighting and digital decoration are still the core elements of purikura.

Another photo inside the purikura arcade

The cost of purikura in Japan is 400yen, and it's generally more expensive in other areas of the world since the machines have to be exported. The first challenge you will face is picking a purikura machine as there are many options. Newest models will have lines, but the older ones are easier to get in to.

When you first enter the booth you will be faced by a large array of lights, to wash your features out and even skin tone. After you deposit your money will be walked through a series of options about lighting levels, shape of the photos (square/rectangular) and some machines have both "soft" or "bold" courses to choose.

Lights to make you look more pretty XD

Selecting the good poses, in this case you should choose 4 to 6

I can't forget to mention purikura machines today can really change your face. Most will enlarge your eyes and darken your eyelashes, but some can even make your nose smaller, etc. Of course you can add makeup, lashes, hair color in the decoration process.

Then you are allowed to pick 6 different backgrounds. The machine will move you quickly through the photo shooting part, offering pose suggestions. If you end up making a nerdy face, you can choose not to print specific photos as your last option choice inside the machine.

Finally you can play a game as you wait for the puri to print

You will be directed to a decoration corner, each machine has two, where the fun part begins. You can add messages, stamps, sparklings, the date, and write on all the pictures. Every machine has different graphics for decorating so you'll likely never have the same experience twice haha.

Purikura is a big part of hanging out for young women here in Japan, some purikura arcades even have "no men" signs in their entrance haha. Its creative, low cost and easily accessible.  It's fun to try it if you never have!
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