Delays due to sucky day

Oh today has just been a long day full of many tiny upsets that all added up to me being really depressed right now. It started out with a stinky school assignment but that was usual and not too horrible. But then I couldn't get my phone fixed because the warranty expired by 1 day, I got into a fight with my mom, school made my mind explode, and I was kicked out of my online class for some reason.

I emailed my professor about why I should just randomly be out of the class without any emails or contacts about it beforehand (I know the class wasn't canceled). Without that class I won't get financial aid. Furthermore I still need an internship, and I have to find a job ASAP if I have to pay all that tuition. I feel like everything is caving in right now.

Picture has no relevance besides suiting my current mood

Well sorry I went on that complain fest, I know complaining gets nothing done. But the real point of this post was just to say that One 7 Ways will be delayed until tomorrow morning, all this crap at once sucked the life out of me and the coordinating fell to the way side.

Its hard, but I'm going to try and get everything under control as soon as I can.
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