One 7 Ways 8th ed, Leopard print coat!

Good morning everyone, sorry about my crab fest post last night too much at once set me over the edge I guess. I was able to get re-instated into my online class, and I will be able to change my phone carrier so that's atleast two things off the list. Thank you everyone who left nice messages yesterday, it was so uplifting!

Luckily I was able to follow through on my promise and get the One 7 Ways coordinating done this morning. The winner of the voting was the JSG leopard print coat by a tiny margin. Someone asked what I would do in a tie, well the micro poll calculates to the .1% so if that's even the difference that's all it takes haha.

Style 1: A touch of green
This style uses my Betsey Johnson spangle skull onepiece I haven't had a chance to wear yet, why does it look so much better on the dressform? XD I also used a green cap, green cross necklace and choker.

Style 2: Lots of leopard
Who would be crazy enough to pair a leopard print skirt with a leopard print jacket? Me XDD Somehow I feel it works haha. I also used a pink skull shirt, pink hair ribbon, black cross necklace and choker.

Style 3: Buttoned up
This style is more grown up and casual I think, the blue cardigan adds a touch of color in an otherwise monotone outfit. I also used a white graph tee, black short, a pink cross necklace and choker.

Style 4: Yellow, blue and bling
I thought of this coordinate last night in class for a personal outfit, but I thought it would work for this too^^ I used a black rhinestone tshirt, yellow tutu skirt, border vest, russian hat and black cross necklace.

Style 5: Red spiced mature
I wanted to make an outfit with some pants, and these patterned ones looked fun. They needed to be combined with a bold shirt, so I used the red union jack one. I also used a chain necklace, choker and hair ribbon.

Style 6: I was thinking agejo
For this one I was really thinking of trying to do something rock agejo style, please imagine it with a big hairstyle XD I used a black onepiece, pink cross necklace, choker and two hair ribbons.

Style 7: Just cool
I think this one looks kinda cool and tough. I used a black graphic tshirt, skull shorts, a belt, a fake foxtail, a fedora, purple cross necklace and spider necklace.
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