Snapshot - UFO catcher spam!

Hi again everyone! I'm really appreciative of all the positive comments and support during these past few days, it's been rough but it seems like everything is getting back into order. I thought today would be a good time to do another UFO catcher spam, I think everyone loves the cute plushie prizes as much as I do XD

I have a plan to change up the way I've been doing my coordinate posts. I want to start doing the photos and layouts of my coordinate posts differently, so to catch up to the current time I will be posting a new coordinate every night. Until I get to my January coords you'll be seeing a coordinate post everyday haha.

Anyhow, please enjoy this spam, I have plans for some more posts later today (including a coordinate post XD)

UFO catchers also have lots of these types of prizes

Make a Rilakkuma sandwich!

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