Leaving Japan and what I miss

Well today is the day again, the day when I have to leave (what feels like) my second home in Tokyo and go back to my home in Minnesota. I think this must have been the quickest trip yet, perhaps because of all the sad things with my family or perhaps because I've been here so many times nothing is new.

Either way it doesn't feel like I've had enough time; I didn't get to meet everyone I wanted to meet, I didn't go to DisneySea, I wanted to spend more time with my friend I live with. But overall this trip had a lot of great new experiences!

My great friends, Thanh Thao, Bloomzy and Mitsu!

During this trip I got to meet lots of people who enjoyed knowing them virtually through their blogs. Thanh Thao is like my best friend now, we had been friends so long online it was great to meet finally! I was looking forward to meeting Mitsu, she was a big part of my interest in gyaru, and Bloomzy is  writing such useful posts I wanted to know her in real life!

Purikura with Charlotte and Rox (although I can't recommend this machine Pride2)

I also met so many great looking gyaru girls at the meetup - like Charlotte and Rox - sorry for stealing the purikura XD You can read more about the meetup here, I will make another one soon hopefully!

Most importantly/number one, I always miss my friend I live with, its so nice and comfortable to live with him. He's very generous and helpful, I don't think I can ever repay him. It's so sad when I can't see him everyday, and eat his good cooking everyday haha. But really its so nice to be with him TT

A Rilakkuma fishcake on my salad

I will miss the food here in Japan as well. Everyday I eat cabbage salad, but my friend always makes some good and healthy side dishes. All the kinds of tofu, fishcakes, konyakku, hanpen, vegetables. You can't find them in MN at all!

My friend always arranges food for me so nicely, like these strawberries and matcha cake

UFO catchers and Japanese arcades are another thing I will miss. Being able to take purikura when I meet people is a big part of hanging out, and I'm starting to get a bit better at UFO catching. Below are some of the prizes I got recently.

I also caught a small alpaca and rilakkuma strap for Thanh Thao, and a Korilakkuma plush for myself^^

Well I'll be home soon enough, and I just hope the long long flight back will not be too tiring or boring. I wish there was just a teleporter haha!
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