Be cool; donate! and thoughts on traveling to Japan

Ah, good day, I feel so much better right now. Last night I was in a terrible depression, I was think of going on hiatus and some really terrible things. But luckily I feel better today and I think I can work through it.

My own problems are so small compared to those suffering people in Japan's.

Yes they are a developed country, but that doesn't mean they can easily recover from that devastation, and that thousands of people are dead or left with absolutely nothing.

It's hard to donate sometimes, but here are a few ways that are really cool and fashionable^^

Sami blogged about gyaru brands that are offering Charity t-shirts for 2,000 yen, in which all the procedes go to the disaster aid. Brands like W*C, Emoda, Dazzlin, Murua and more, you're sure to find a cute top that will make you feel good wearing it.
has also posted information about Galstar (cheap gyaru brand)'s charity sale. They have two 1,000 yen shirts in which all proceeds go to donation, and all items in this sale page have a part of their proceeds donated.

I want to get a "One Shoulder" shirt, but which color XD

And my mom just alerted me to this awesome way to donate on iTunes - Songs For Japan! For just 10$ you get 38 songs by major and popular artists, while all the proceeds are donated. Artists include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green, John Lennon, Queen, Foo Fighters, and many more. It's actually a very cool collection!

The situation is Japan is unclear, it's not just the Tohoku area that is effected because of the nuclear problems. There is obviously a pretty serious leak, and radiation is getting in the food and water.

I may have the chance to go back to Tokyo in 3 weeks (I don't want to disclose why just yet because I'm superstitious) but I can't help but be concerned about radiation. I don't know what to believe, the sensationalist American news or the restricted and under-reported Japanese news...

I know if I go I will only drink bottled water, and eat processed food. No vegetables, meat, fruit. Cooking will have to be done with bottled water too. But what about things like brushing my teeth and taking a shower?

Radiation clings to molecules and that's how it gets on you even in the air. Does anyway have some good websites that are giving out serious information about traveling to Japan during this disaster?
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