*Spring Trend* High socks and low socks!

It's not the Fashion Hime post yet, but I assure you I will have that up tonight (after school most likely) but I felt after my chintzy post last night I ought to write something more interesting to make up for it haha.

I'm continuing my Spring Trend mini series. Last time I introduced the floppy/sun hat trend, and I was so inspired by the big response to it! I have a few more trends to talk about, so let's check out the next one...

The high socks and low socks trend!

First off I want to talk about the high socks, over the knee socks which are shaping up to be the main legwear of the spring season. I think it's impossible not to see this becoming more popular.

Edit - I want to clarify, high socks have always been a part of gyaru fashion, I just saw this as a trend because of the use of lighter colors and different patterns in addition to the usual black.

Above are some great examples of varying over-knee socks from Popteen. You can see there are lots of styles and colors to choose from, argyle to marine, but the main colors are neutrals like black, greys, and tans.

Solid knit socks are making headway into the girlier styles and will be great for sweet coordinates. Sexy and mature styles will still make use of black and sheer high socks.

Socks that are just over the knee seem to be the most popular for the high sock trend, but some socks creep towards the thigh-high length.

Anyhow, I am the type of person who learns visually, so here are some more examples of the high sock trend in different styles and coordinates!

On the opposite end of the sock spectrum we find another trend for the spring season - the low sock trend! These are ankle socks that are usually worn with high heeled shoes to create a very sweet look.

Although it's not as big as the high sock trend, you can still see these low socks cropping up in the girlier styles. It also looks perfect with your retro/vintage trend coordinates.

Wow, how many trends can you spot here? XD

That was a lot of photos, I hope you enjoyed looking through them all! Do you think you'll be wearing more high and low socks? Which do you prefer?
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