*Spring Trend* Sun hats/Floppy hats!

Hello friends, how are you! Well I have been well today, just did a bit of exercising and shopping so it was fairly productive. But we are not here to talk about my daily life, it's time for something informative, kinda!

I don't really think I am qualified to write about trends or fashion news, but I would like to try and make this blog a little more useful. I show a lot of my personal fashion, but I don't write about the trends that are the basis for style ^^/

So today I am introducing one of the big trends for spring - the sun hat/floppy hat!

This is going to be the can can hat of this year, well atleast it's getting pushed that hard so far haha! I have always seen sunhats out for the warm season, but perhaps this will be the first year in a long while that ladies under 55 will be wearing them.

This is a trend that came out of blogger fashion, and it seems it came into the gyaru style byway of Murua. Well don't quote me on that (I said I'm not a pro haha).

But this type of hat is being seen in every style from otona to agejo to the ultimate spring style, retro girly. The nice thing about this hat is that its fashionable now and it helps protect you from UV rays!

Here I will leave you with a bit of spam so you can get an idea of how the floppy hat is being utilized this season^^/

So what do you think of the floppy hat? Does it look cute to you, or too old lady-ish, will you be wearing it in the warm weather? XD

Images were gathered from model blogs, brand websites and tumblr.
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