One 7 Ways 11th ed VOTING!

Good evening, good evening! Oh its actually so lucky I even remembered to do this at all. I was quite ready to go to bed without doing anything more and my friend asked me if I was gonna blog. It triggered my memory and here I am!

Today I have done so little, so it's really a good thing that I'm writing this and accomplishing something haha XD

This week there is no cardigan since I think we have seen enough of them and soon enough they won't even be needed (I hope!). The theme I kinda pulled together is pink and girly I guess. Oh two items still have the tags on them haha!!

Items for this weeks vote

A. Floral tank top
B. Ruffle top
C. Star tutu skirt

Please take a quick moment to vote in the poll below, and which ever items receives the most votes will be the item I coordinate next week. Make sure to cast your vote for your favorite items so it can make it to the coordinating round, every vote counts XD

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