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Thank you to everyone who has supported me about not going on hiatus. Its honestly really hard for me right now, and blogging feels more like torment then a joy as it ought to be. There's certain things I don't want to blog about right now, so that's why I'm doing just a "gets" post.

First off, I recently won a giveaway from the very cool and unique blog - Pizza and Icecream. I entered the giveaway because it included lots of Lip Smackers that I wanted to win for my dear friend Thanh Thao!

Imagine my surprise that I won, honestly I never win anything. I'm really glad I can send these to my friend soon! Thank you Pizza and Icecream!!

Another package I received last week was some eyelashes that I bought from D-tan during her Japan Disaster charity sale^^

I picked out the Chocola Rich Parfait and Nature is Lovely S-2 eyelashes. I've really wanted to try the S-2 because Morimayu uses them, and they are fairly popular. The Rich Parfait lashes have such a trendy shape. I love them both!

Of course a gets post is not complete without clothing right? At this point my closet should be bursting, but I often move the old clothes out to my "professional" closet, or donate them.

I want to change my style a bit, so I got these to start working on that.

Striped tutu skirt, dot black tights, and damage denim jeans!

Striped collar shirt, lace ivory shirt, boyfriend cut jeans!

These look much more simple than my past gets right? I think so haha XD This is basically a Target haul besides the skirt which I was so happy to find because I wanted one like that so much! And finally I could find some jeggings with decent damage, good for 20$

My old boyfriend jeans were dropping off me, so I wanted new ones, from size 10 to 4 yay!

And lastly I ordered some bulk metal hair clips. Now I will be making some hair flowers and ribbons! If I can make some cute ones I'll post that later^^
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