Semi-hiatus and what that means

Hey there ^_~ I was having some really terrible days there, but luckily yesterday I made some coordinates and perhaps you'll be surprised (hmm, that's too strong, but I can't think of a better word XD) when you see them. So I started feeling a lot better.

I just wanted to take a moment to announce my semi-hiatus and what that means for Moments like Diamonds.

I've been considering a hiatus the past week as I got the most unhappy, then I started getting some really negative feedbacks about various series. I began questioning what I was doing with this blog and my style.

I know one of the quickest ways to kill a blog is to go on a hiatus,  So I decided just to put certain types of posts on hiatus.

Starting today, and for about 1 week Fashion Hime Friday, One 7 Ways and my coordinate posts will be on hiatus. I know many people love FHF and O7W but I don't feel I can put the effort in them that they deserve.

Fashion Hime Friday was created to celebrate individuals love of fashion
, how they interact with fashion and how they are developing their own self in relation to fashion. And also to expand the blogger community, by introducing people.

It was not created to show of the most "perfect" or "best" fashionistas out there. My blog is not a fashion magazine, I don't display professionally styled models. You don't have to be perfect to enjoy fashion - fashion is a journey and everyone is evolving and bettering their styles.

One 7 Ways was created just to show how one item could be used in many ways. I have fun with it, but I am thinking about if I should change the way I make the coordinates. When I come back with it I will try to show a better variety of styles.

Furthermore, I want a small break before I show anymore coordinates. I've really been trying to improve my style in the past 2 months since I came back to USA. I have only been trying to dress gyaru for less than one year! I know I need to keep working.

Hopefully I can get everything reworked and improved in a week or so that Moments like Diamonds will be back to normal ASAP. I always want to keep improving this blog, I won't give up.
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