Hello Kitty lives in my neighborhood

Hey again everyone! Just to let you know I closed the comments on the last post because I didn't want it to seem like I'm fishing for sympathy. I'm feeling fine now, and I am looking forward getting better^^/

Since I am focusing on Japan posts more, I wanted to share something with you that is part of my daily life when I'm staying in Tokyo. Yes, and it has to do with everyone's favorite cartoon cat XD

Hello Kitty New Year's version, with flag and mochi!

I believe I have shown this statue once before, but to recap this statue actually belongs to a home-owner near my friend's apartment. They have it displayed on their front steps and it's always cheerful to see it as I walk to the station.

But the really adorable thing is they dress it up for the different holidays and seasons!

Hello Kitty now with Koi no Bori for Boy's day!

Summer must be Hello Kitty's favorite season, because she really got dressed up for it!

As you can see these outfits represent the various different times I have stayed in Ichinoe - from winter to summer! Although now looking at these photos I wish I would have taken more photos of it, because I've seen it wearing more outfits than these.

The really nice things about this Hello Kitty besides brightening up the neighborhood with cuteness, is that it appears to remain untouched. The statue is on private property but that wouldn't mean much in many other places. I'm sure its lost some accessories here and there, but generally it looks intact XD

Do you have any landmark in your neighborhood that makes you feel at home?
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