New nails, pink and purple!

Good ...morning XD yeah I felt like posting this up before I go to bed, and it was a long school night so bedtime means the wee hours hehe. I guess the title of this post is completely self explanatory, but to clarify I mean some nails I painted myself not nice professional nails haha!

If you might have notices I usually have plain short nails, and I only put on deco nails for meetups. I basically really stink at painting nails as I don't put effort in it, but I liked how these turned out!

I really enjoy the pink and purple together, and they just so happen to match this Easter chick. (Its a toy I've had since forever and it poops jelly beans!!) I attached the jewels with acrylic gel.

I know they ain't great, but they make me happy XD haha
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