ONE 7 WAYS 11th ed - Floral tank top!

Good evening everyone, and thank you all who have submitted their links to the Submission Post, I really appreciate your involvement in making Moments like Diamonds bigger and better!

Well it's on to the main event of our Wednesday - the newest edition of One 7 Ways! The winner of the vote last week was the floral tank top with almost half of the vote XD I hope everyone will really like these outfits because it's the last you will see of this tank top (I'm returning it after finding a better one ^^/)

Style 1: Rock n Floral
Of course I have to match this tank top with my favorite tutuHA skirt, and it naturally goes with with the skull cardigan haha! I also used a pink hair flower and cross pearl necklace.

Style 2: Simply Sexy
Please please image this with a black floppy hat! I only have a fedora so I had to use that as a stand in haha! I also used a cross necklace and high waist tight skirt.

Style 3: This is ladylike
Shorts are great for the warm weather, and will be especially trendy this year. I paired the tank top with khaki shorts and a pink cardigan to kept warm. I also used a hair flower, teddy bear necklace and pearl necklace.

Style 4: Ready for Red
Red is also a color in the floral tank top, so I decided to draw that out with the Minnie Muse cardigan. I continued the theme with a Minnie Mouse hair bow, I also used a small heart necklace, black bracelet and denim shorts.

Style 5: So girly it hurts!
I used the pink cardigan again and an off-white ruffle skirt to make a super girly type outfit. The floral choker takes it over the top haha! I also used a waist mark belt for definition.

Style 6: Hidden Flowers
This white peasant blouse is rather transparent, so it needs a shirt underneath for modesty. Why not used a cute pattern under? XD I also used denim leggings, pink cross necklace, and a pink hair flower.

Style 7: A Mix of Everything
Pulling some elements of all the outfits here made another cute spring look haha. I used a crochet cardigan, and khaki shorts, and two cross necklaces.
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