Submit your blog link, Round Two!

Ya' know, I've been thinking its time to do another a Link Submission post, we have gotten many new friends around here and there are lots of great new blogs popping up everyday, it would be great to add those links to the directory XD

Anyway, as you may have gathered from the title of this post, I am looking for your blog links! I have a Links Page and it needs some new links to be more complete.

Also, if you already have your link in the directory, you may submit it to a new category. Ie. if you are in the Fashion category currently, you can have it changed to Gyaru. Now is also a good time to update your URL or title if they have changed.

Here are the simple rules for submitting your link:
1. Leave your link in a comment here
2. Pick the Cateogory that it most closely fits
           Categories are:
                 Gyaru (personal coordinates, model, shop, spams themed around gal)
                 NEW - Gyaru Beginner (for gals just starting out/perfecting their look)
                 Personal (Daily life entries, mixed entries, personal coordinates)
                 Fashion & Beauty (reviews, trends, forecasting)
                 Japan (travel, news, culture, language, etc)
                 Kawaii & Cute (handmade crafts, cute products, artwork)
3. Give me a quick blurb of what your blog is about/the theme

That's all you have to do! I am accepting link submission for 48 hours until March 11, after that no submission will be accepted. A submitted link does not guarantee inclusion on the link list, included links are chosen by my discretion. The categories I put together are based on the theme of my blog and what I think readers may be interested in.
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