March magazine Picks!

I guess I have to break this pattern of weightloss posts in the morning now but putting up my March magazine picks. This post includes Egg, Popteen and Ageha. I felt now was the moment I needed to post this up because the April issue of Popteen is already up online haha.

Anyhow, March seemed to be a month of slim pickings in the magazines. I was able to fit all my picks from each magazine onto just one image each. I guess the season transition months are hard to coordinate? Or something :/

Popteen Picks

Egg Picks

Ageha Picks

Ageha had the least amount of coordinates by far, it was really pathetic even haha. I mean it had nice hair tutorials, but it was like the same makeup tutorial over and over again.

This type of post is really boring so I'll do some more posts later today XD
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