= Coordinate post = December part 3 plus love!

Yes, we are progressing at a good rate hehe! Actually this will be the last post for December coordinates, my dressing up days are becoming less and less recently. I need to get back in practice! Well I feel a little for posting coordinates again, please bear with me haha.

12/20/10 coordinate
Vest: no brand
Onepiece: no brand
Skirt: tutuHA
Boots: Steve Madden

Oh this is one of my coordinates I made in a One 7 Ways, I really felt like actually wearing it and it turned out to be cute. It's really monotone, but I'm wearing a red choker you can't really see. I guess if you want to have thin looking legs a tutu skirt and cuffed boots will do it XD

12/30/10 coordinate
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Target
Belt: Target
Legwarmers: Yumetenbo
Hat: Tralala

My first coordinate during Japan Trip 7, yay! Well I wanted to wear those pants with the leg warmers alot, I had been planning it for awhile even before I got to Japan. Not much to say about this I guess haha.

12/31/10 coordinate
Cardigan: Forever21
Skirt: tutuHA
Necklace: tutuHA
Legwarmers: Yumetenbo

Sorry that I had to censor my head in this photo, but my hair was looking rather frizzy and I didn't want to get negative feedback on it TT and I was wearing light makeup. I don't want to see my nose without contouring anymore haha! But this outfit is one I like so I had to show it, ugly head or not XD

Also I just wanted to share and thank LeeMinKyo for this very lovely artwork she did of me. I am so flatter and now I wish I looked as good as this drawing actually haha. And I always wonder how people make these beautiful kind of drawings, I'm so ignorant XD

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