Super easy Breakfast Smoothie recipe

Good morning friends! I am trying to lose 5 lb (that I gained recently) in the next month so I have been trying new things to eat for breakfast. The past few days I have been having smoothies as my first meal, and I like how they have been turning out so I'm sharing the "recipe"!

Makes: 12.oz/400mL Calories: 135 kcal 

1/2 cup milk (whatever type you prefer), 45kcal
1/2 cup plain non-fat yogurt (greek style is probably better), 65kcal
5 frozen strawberries, 25kcal
2 tsp strawberry sugar-free DaVinci syrup, 0kcal

The DaVinci syrup adds the flavor to the smoothie, this type of syrup is what they use at Starbucks, and you can order a wide variety of flavors if you don't like strawberry. This sugar-free syrup is made with Splenda, which means there is no sugar-alcohol. Make sure to limit your intake of sugar substitutes per day, as they have an effect on the brain and digestive system. As a visual, I would recommend the equivalent of 3 single serve packets per day.

For your milk option I recommend sticking with 1% or 2% milk as it's less processed than the skim I used. However if you are lactose intolerant or wanting to watch calories, use unsweetened Almond or Rice milk.

Preparation: add all the ingredients to your blender, pulse on low for about 15 seconds or until you are satisfied that all the chucks are blended in. Poor into a glass and your ready for breakfast!

I had to cover up some smudges with that butterly TT

At first you may get really hungry after your body digests this, but now I feel quite full after I drink this. You can also use it as a more healthy dessert, and there's endless flavors you can combined haha.

I hope you enjoy it^^
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