Life on the train - school girls, sleeping, snapping

Oh how about that for an attempt at a cool title XP Well I was trying to capture the essence of this post which contains photos that I took at various times riding the train around Tokyo, during Japan Trip 5 and 6.

I generally hesitate to snap photos on the train as it's quiet and people attention is not taken up. I also strange about all those snaps of Japan locals, taken candidly without permission. I've seen people snap sneaky photos of my gal pals when we're out in Tokyo, its a strange feeling haha!

But these have already been taken, so I hope you can feel a bit of what its like commuting in Tokyo^^

Trains are usually barren like this during the day. This is my line, the Shinjuku Line

These JK are too cute in their twinsie uniforms and matching Duffys, they must have been quite tired

This businessman ate an entire ice cream cone on the train. How ruuuude!!

Have you ever seen those websites that are dedicated to photos of Japanese people sleeping? Yes its quite amazing how easily and safely Japanese people can sleep, but the wariness of a long day gets to everyone equally, so here I present you with gaijin sleeping!

I guess these sort of photos can be interesting in a slice of life way, but the more you travel on trains the more you start tuning out the unique people and situations. The newness can't last forever I guess haha!
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