*Review* Forever21 false eyelashes

Oh I had such a strange sleeping schedule last night, which was made worse by the daylight savings time. I ended up waking up at 11:00 TT I've been a bit burnt out on watching the Japan news, all those reactors in the midst of melting down, its too terrible.

So I am going to post something regular, maybe nap since I'm still tired who knows haha. I picked up some false lashes at F21 on Thursday so I thought I would just share what I think of them.

Forever21 false eyelashes
$2.80 for one pair

Quick review:
Slighty shiney with a medium spine that is very flexible, the lash design is very nice and full.

You can find these eyelashes hanging out around by the cash register, there are many different styles all jumbled up together in one container. So you might have to dig around to find a pair you like.

I decided on this style just because it looked the fullest and most unique. This sort of shape appeals to me XD

You can see these are somewhat shiney, they were photographed in direct natural sunlight which accented the shininess. In low light they aren't so obvious.

However they were very easy to apply because the spine was substantial without being stiff at all. If they were worn with some accent lashes they would look more trendy with the current gyaru makeup. But they are nicely dramatic and cute on their own.

They aren't perfect, but I am quite pleased with them because they are low cost, easily accessible and don't irritate my eye^^/
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