= Coordinate post = January part 1 + TKTV DVD

I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday, I don't very much feel like it today either. But I won't be talking about the Japan disaster anymore, I'm sad but I can't express myself with confidence. I made my donation, my family made a donation and thats all I can do.

Anyhow, here are some outfits I wore while I was in Tokyo 2 months ago, now it seems strange I was there. I'm here in safety and comfort, while so many are died, or homeless and worrying about nuclear meltdown. Even though I won't talk about it, I can't stop thinking.

1-2-11 coordinate
Hat: tutuHA
Cardigan: H&M
Tanktop: tutuHA
Shorts: no brand
Tights: Forever21

You may have seen this outfit on Tokyo Kawaii TV, haha, I wore it twice during the trip and this was from the first time. I think it was better looking in the show because I didn't have the pigtails. Anyhow, I ended up ruining those tights that day TT

1-3-11 coordinate
Earmuffs: GLAD NEWS
Dress: Forever21
Boots: Steve Madden

I wore this outfit when I went with my friend to a taiyu exhibition event in Roppongi. It appears I was wearing natural makeups haha, but the outfit was cute overall. That was a really fun day, I wish I could be with my friend now.

1-4-11 coordinate
Coat: JSG
Pants: no brand
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Betsey Johnson

What did I do this day? Hmm, I think I tried to exchange my money but banks were still closed haha. This was taken around Ginza, with all the lights around it was really lovely. I got a compliment on this outfit from a gyaru-mama, and looking back I like it too haha!

Also I just wanted to mention that on Saturday I received my DVD copy of the Tokyo Kawaii TV episode I and the Big Gyaru ME2 was in on Feb 26. It was kinda fun to finally see it on the TV screen.

But it was HD quality so I could so all the shadows/wrinkles on my face in my apartment's lowlight. And in one scene I was visibly shaking from anxiety TT

Tokyo Kawaii TV phone strap and pink Domo-kun deco seal designed by Beni!

The filming staff was soooo kind and sent me some gifts along with the DVD. These small things really cheered me up, and shows how thoughtful they are. The written note made me happiest tho. I hope all the TKTV staff are doing fine also.
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