Tokyo Kawaii TV 2-26-11 Episode UP!

Hi everyone, I know I've been hyping this show up so much and many people have been asking me to post the link once I got it. So here is the Tokyo Kawaii TV episode featuring many gaijin gyaru/o and our Big Gyaru Me2!

I was generally happy that I looked fine in most of the shots, except that one of me bending over the computer (Bad angle=big fatty haha!) I was sad that they edited out some of the great moments, and not everyone who came to the meetup got air time TT

Furthermore there are a few factual mistakes. I did not lose 50kg (as much as I would love to be 57kg now, its just not true)

Charlotte and Rox WERE NOT late, they arrived exactly on time, but the filming crew wanted to film me waiting like 20 minutes even before 13:00. So I was feeling lonely and embarrassed having to wait at an unnecessary time XP

They did get my last name in katakana right tho haha!

The parts with gyaruo Alex and gyaru shop staff Jenny were fun too. Its a great episode of foreigners loving Japan fashion, please enjoy it!
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