Some recent coordinate inspirations

Hey everyone! How is your day?? Its been a bit exciting for me since the Tokyo Kawaii TV episode featuring the ME2 has aired and I've received a lot of positive feedback. (and 50 new Japanese friends on FB haha!) After 10+ hours of shooting our parts were parred down to about 8 minutes...haha!!

Anyway, hopefully I can share some video of it soon^^

I want to go out shopping since it's saturday, but I also want to share some new collages I made of outfits I've seen recently that are inspiring to me. Maybe I should bring them along so I buy the right items haha.

Perhaps you can see my style is heading a bit more towards girly and agejo looks this season. I still love rock, but I feel like wearing more white and pink is more appropriate for spring.

My spring theme will be "Sweet rock princess" haha!
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