How do I lose weight in Japan? part 2 - Meals!

Oh tired tired, despite not doing much beyond returning some books to the library today was a sit around day but I'm so sleepy/tired. Because I didn't sleep well last night.

Then today I got the bad news that my capstone thesis class wont be offered this summer because the professor is on sabbatical. Now have to extend my studies to December...argh. My life plan!

Anyway, we are here to talking about how I lost weight in Japan, the previous part was about food, now we are moving on to meals!

Day 2 Dinner
Salad, curried chicken, a roll cake

All the meals you see in this post are from my Japan Trip 6. It was during this trip that I lost the most weight ever during a vacation, I was able to loose 3 kg. Looking back over these meals, they are quite scant. I was so proud of losing the weight, but it seems I had to work hard TT

Day 3 Lunch
Left over curried chicken, Salad, konyaku, and roll cake

My breakfasts always consisted of Balance Up bars, so I will talk about the lunches and dinners. The bulk of all my lunches and dinners was made of cabbage salad! Japanese always eat rice with their meals, but that is a huge amount of empty calories. So filling up with cabbage is much more healthy.

Day 4 Dinner
Salad, Konyaku, stewed daikon and stewed vegetables

After the cabbage I filled out the rest of the meal with vegetables, fish or sometimes meat. Often my friend would purchase ready-made vegetable side dishes from the supermarket, such as stewed eggplants, seaweed salads etc. We also get cooked fish, or make some curry.


Day 6 Dinner
Salad, stewed eggplant, stir-fried bean sprouts and ham, konyaku "mochi" and cake

As you can see many sidedishes were made of konnyaku, I love to eat that. But you may also notice some sweets at every meal, I would eat a small roll cake or eclair with each meal, but it was split between me and my friend. Its proof you don't need to totally restrict yourself.

During my Japan Trip 7, I ate quite a bit more than this, so I wasn't able to lose weight. Looking back at these meals, I feel I need to go back to eating like this!
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