One 7 Way 10th ed, Ribbon Cardigan!

Alright, here we are on Wednesday, hopefully that means I have adjusted to my new schedule and that I will actually get the One 7 Ways up on time from now on. Today has a weird feeling after spending the last two days rushing around doing homework for endless hours.

So luckily that meant I had plenty of time to make the One 7 Ways. The winner of this edition's vote was the pink ribbon cardigan with almost half the votes. I know some people really hoped a different sort of garment would win, and I've coordinated cardis 3 times now. So I won't be having any cardis in the vote for awhile now.

Style 1: Really Pink
This one might be my favorite of the bunch, it just turned out properly I guess haha. I used a pink tank top, black shorts, pink cross necklace and a russian fur hat.

Style 2: Lovely girl
This is just an attempt to use some spring trends, well the dot pattern is atleast haha! I used a black spangle tank top, dot tutu skirt, statement necklace and glasses.

Style 3: Hip dress
I wanted to use a dress, and I thought this W*C one would be really cute with the cardigan. I also used black leggings, choker, gold chain necklace and two bracelets.

Style 4: That's rock
Well I thought the leopard tutu skirt would be nice and clashy, while the cardigan helps bring it back to the season. I also used a black graphic tshirt, purple cross necklace, choker, hair flower, and ribbon bracelet.

Style 5: Adding a splash
This cardigan so easily lends itself to grey, white and black so I tried to mix it up with a bright colored tshirt. I also used dyed leggings, a blue hair flower, chain necklace and two bracelets.

Style 6: A girl with flowers
Here's an entirely sweet sort of look, I'm not sure how I feel about the belt now. I guess thats up to personal preference haha! I also used a floral dress, braided hairband, gold necklace and 2 bracelets.

Style 7: Completely Casual
I think my goal for this outfit was to really dress the cardigan down, in a way you could wear to school or something. I used jeans, a grey tank top, pink cross necklace, pink hair flower and silver chain belt.
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