Sweet things, cute things, snow things

Yay, another full day of homework completed, of course that doesn't mean I'm finished with work in the long run. But it does give me a break to get a quick post in before I head out to school. And I actually was able to put some makeup on today, I still haven't lost the weight I gained, so I'll just have to try and hide it haha!

The past week was a nice week as it started out with a holiday, how sad I am Valentine's is gone and past once again. We have our St. Patrick's decorations out, and there's still Easter, but all my favorite holidays are over now TT (well Easter has such cute colors!)

The bulk of the haul!
Flowers, cards, cute things!

I know it's quite late but I just wanted to show off the Valentine's gifts I exchanged, and the cameras I downloaded for my new phone, which I love! I actually got the My Little Pony and teddy bear after V-day on sale haha.

Also I got the idea for a new photo shoot background! I was thinking standing in front of a bookcase is so boring compared to other's lovely coordinate pictures.

This is my new photoshoot "stage"

So I got this curtain and rug that I will use behind me from now on when I take my coordinate pictures. The balloons are from my mom, they spruce it up nicely while they are inflated haha!

And finally onto the snow things. Of course its always snowing here in MN, just yesterday we had a terrible blizzard and got 30 more cm of snow. But I am talking about snow in Tokyo, which its been doing alot of recently!

Snow in Ichinoe XD

My friend sent me these pictures of the town I stay in in Tokyo. It looks very nostalgic when I see these photos, even though MN in my home. I just stay there so often now...I miss it TT
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