Coordinate post - December part 1

Oh hi again! Its Sunday night here in MN and its a blizzard, snowing like crazy with winds. Schools, even universities are all canceled tomorrow. But that's no good for me since I don't have Monday classes anyway. Well its President's day, so a lot of people don't have class anyways.

I did some homework today, and there's a lot more coming up, so I'm all kinda tired out now. Luckily I don't have to write that much with coordinate posts, or maybe I should since its just boring photos haha!

11/30/10 coordinate

Hat: remake
Jacket: Kohls
Top: tutuHA
Skirt: Justice
Tights: Dollkiss
Shoes: Steve Madden

This is technically a November coode, but its the last one so I just tacked it on here haha! I saw some girl wearing a military jacket with the tutuHA babydoll, so I wanted to copy that. I liked how it turned out, even though it seems it should be clashy haha!

12/2/10 coordinate

Vest: Old Navy
Sweater: Allen b.
Dress: Target
Boots: Steve Madden

Here is another attempt at a sweet rock style, I do really like this dress, but I don't often have the chance to use it. Lord, I have the peanut head going haha, maybe I should have made big hair XD

12/3/10 coordinate

Hat: Tralala
Vest: F21
Shirt: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
Tights & Shoes: no brand

I like this coordinate a lot personally! But how did I dare wear those tights out in December, perhaps it hadn't snowed yet. Oh well. I'd wear this one again, but the legwear, hat, vest would need to change for spring^^

Well I'll do another short post again soon, I have some nice photos from this past week that I want to share!
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