Shibuya - a bit upclose

Oh I feel like a bit of a braggart in the last post, talking about the Tokyo Kawaii TV again. Well please bear with me a bit TT I'm curious what the final cut looks like. But as I know that's probably a bit boring to read about, I thought some photos of Japan would be interesting right about now!

I'll present these photos I took during a visit to Shibuya one day last May in a sort of photo series sort of way. I'll try to keep the explanations to a minimum but some of them will need explaining haha!

An advert in that purikura place everyone goes to. Japanese are so clean and polite.

Oh no! I was spotted taking a sneaky photo XDD

Handing out V05 hair spray samples, I got me one too

I hope looking over these photos together you got a feeling of "a day in the life" while I'm traveling in Japan. I feel ready to go back and take photos in Japan, so many interesting little things happen. I missed alot on my last trip I feel like.
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