Tokyo Kawaii TV 2-26-11 preview UP!

Hey everyone, I can't stay too long, just a quick update now haha! I've been doing school work all morning, and now I am spending time with my grandma and mom. But I have a bit of exciting news that I wanted to share with everyone before I go to eat dinner haha.

The commercial and preview information regarding next week's episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV is up on the official website now! This is the episode that will feature the Big Gyaru Me2 we had this January XD

This episode will be featuring lots of western gyaru, from Europe you can see Henna and from Argentina - Miu, and all the gyaru who came to the meetup!!

There will also be sections about Chinese tourists shopping for big brand names in Japan, a Russian gyaruo named Alex (I think he's been on the show before?) and Jenny who works at Bumble Bee in 109. So it should be a very fun episode (as long as they show me as little as possible haha XD)

One thing you'll learn when you watch this - I have huge teeth!

Please check out the info and the commercial! I can't wait to see all you lovely ladies (and guys hehe) on TV soon.
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