Quick tip - Drawing on lower lashes

Several days ago I posted a photo on my FB in which I had drawn my lower lashes on, it didn't look amazing (as it was my first time) but some people expressed interest in how I drew them on. So I though I could share quickly!

Small angle brush
Black eyeshadow

That's all you need to draw on eyelashes. I use Visse's black eyeshadow because it doesn't flake at all! And a small sharp brush like that will allow you to be more precise.

All I do is put some black shadow on the brush and draw on short lashes. You will probably want to build the color up, as the first stroke looks like the pic above - quite light. But using eyeshadow rather than liner creates a less harsh look.

* Stay on the top edge of the brush, so you have more control
* Angle the lashes outwards a bit, so they look curved in photos
* Don't draw them too long otherwise it'll look like your mascara is running haha
* Draw on just the outer half of lashes for a more natural look

I'm still trying to practice at this, because I really like the option of not having to attach lower lashes everyday. And drawn on lower lashes give the same full appearance in photos.

Of course not everyone will like this, but people have different opinions and I think this can be a good alternative to falsies.

Me with drawn on lower lashes

Ageha model Akichi with drawn on lower lashes

The above example from the April issue of Ageha shows another way of drawing on lower lashes. Though this is much more bold, and it follows the technique of Twiggy's drawn on lashes XD

It's ok if you don't like it. But I think it can be a useful technique.
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