* Review * Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn lipstick

Hi there everyone. I've been missing a couple days huh? Well I've been busy with my internship and I haven't had much reason or motivation to blog. I guess I've been in a slump for a long time :/


Lime Crime
Airborne Unicorn Lipstick

I received this tube of Lime Crime lipstick in Airborne Unicorn purple color from Blair's giveaway. And I was very excited because I always wanted to try this brand, the packaging is just my taste XD

This shows the color pretty accurately

Swatch on arm skin, one layer

Of course I was a bit hesitant over the color because I generally don't wear anything besides pink or beige lipstick. I don't even wear red or something often XD but what makes Lime Crime special are their unique colors.

Lime Crime says their lipsticks are also combined with lipstain which make their colors very opaque and cover completely on all skin tones. I have light skin obviously, and I had no problem with pigmantation.

It covered well with just one layer^^

In natural light, though the focus is off ^^;;

The color I have in the photos looks quite less ultra violet than the official photos, it seems more magenta-y to me. Though in real life it is more purple.

Quick Review:
Pigment: ★★★☆☆
Color: ★★★☆☆
Application: ★★★★★

Well you can see my freckles through the lipstick, perhaps you will need a few layers to cover your lips if they are darker. And I'm not so interested in having super purple lips, so one layer is more wearable to me. (Thankfully it has red undertones rather than blue)

It was very smooth, and easy to apply. I can tell that quality is high. I wasn't wearing any other makeup that day, so I didn't take any face shots.

I will use it in full makeup soon, hopefully it will be ok for my face (because really light, or dark lipsticks look bad on me haha!) I would also love to try Lime Crime's Countessa Fluorescent and Cosmopop lipsticks!

Here's my photos with full makeup + Airborne Unicorn lipstick. I think this may become one of my fave colors haha
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