Snoopy on campus!

Woo, I'm so tired and busy. I really meant to update with a proper post after my review yesterday, but I've just not had the time. I will try to write something useful or interesting soon!

But perhaps something cute might suffice? I think cute things are always the best anyway, and here's a chance to learn a little about my hometown XD

In 2000 ( long ago TT) the city of St. Paul decided to create a memorial for Charles Schultz, the creator of the comic strip "The Peanuts", the memorial comprised of 5 ft Snoopy painted statues that were placed in various locations around the city.

Snoopy at my uni campus!

After October 2000 the statues were auctioned off, but they proved to be really popular so they created statues of Snoopy, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy on his doghouse until the summer of 2004.

I am just lucky enough to have one of these Snoopys on my university campus! I can see him everyday I go to class! It makes me want to find more XD

Here's a good website showing the first two sets of the Snoopy statues. Does your city have any cute art installation project like this?
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