= Coordinate Post = March part two

I guess unless I get some real motivation to blog more my posts might just be every other day or so for awhile. I guess its not a bad thing, well it wouldn't be if I would write some better posts XD But here's some coordinates for you.

Cardigan: GLAD NEWS
Shirt: no brand
Shorts: no brand
Boots: no brand

Here's a casual outfit, I tried out a necktie since they're floating about this season. Plus a nice dot pattern shirt. But I don't want to get too girly so I just put some black clothes in there and keep it boring XD

Jacket: F21
Top: tutuHA
Shorts: no brand
Shoes: forgot... haha!

I figured it was time to wear the ol' tutuHA babydoll again. I think it worked nicely with that marine jacket which I got last month and gotta wear again, its cute! I wore shorts to tone it down since the jacket and babydoll are already busy haha.

Top: Yumetenbo
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden

Man, sorry about the quality of this one, I took it later in the day and the lighting...I tried my best to spruce it up haha. I like this outfit, the makeup...the eyeshadow is not a great color. And the choker is too big for my short/thin neck haha. But overall yeah, like it^^
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