Walking in Harajuku picspam Part Two

Yay, its finally time for part two of the "Walking in Harajuku" picspam. I think it would be fun to continue doing this type of series and expand into other areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Just as a recap - these photos are from July 21st 2010. On that day I wanted to explore Harajuku and go to some specific places (which is the last post coming from that specific day) and I spent alot of time snapping on the street.

Listen flavor is a street fashion brand you can find in Kera magazine. I am always attracted to their bright colors and interesting graphics. This specific shop was especially claustrophobic haha!

We were heading up Takeshita dori, towards the station, to a cafe which is a upcoming post. This shows the thickness of the crowd, actually quite sparse as it was a weekday^^

The infamous Takeshita Liz Lisa, I'm sure lots of you guys would like to shop here! And the nice thing I've noticed is the often have sale items and lucky bags left when other locations have sold out already.

You can sometimes see this type of gyaru with dark skin, light hair and sexy clothes. Though its not the majority so I gave her a snap XD Now we are beginning to head back towards Omotedando^^

Here is some cheap punk fashion for men, this style is quite abundant on Takeshita dori it seems. Not exactly how I would coordinate the pieces, but I don't mind guys in punk clothes haha!

Here's a cheap place to get gyaru clothing, next to the places to get cheap punk clothing and street fashion hehe. That's what is great about Harajuku right?

tutuHA cross sighting!! I always like to spot tutuHA items when I go out and about. Though there are a couple guys in this photo who thought I was trying to get their shot apparently. Sorry guys, its the cute fashion I'm snapping.

I found Kumatan smiling in front of me! This girl was very stylish, though quick! I hope my filters made this photo acceptable haha.

Ok and one more random photo, it was from somewhere in Harajuku, but where? haha. It's super cute so I gotta include this:

Pikachu powered batteries! Just imagine somewhere in Japan there are Pikachu putting their lightening power into batteries haha! Ok, I know its just regular batteries with pokemon on them...
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