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Hi there everyone, its like a bit of a lull right now, I had been shopping earlier but all I got was one manga. Suddenly I feel like reading some manga and luckily Borders was offering 40% off one item^^

Anyhow earlier this week the very lovely Chiihime asked me about my skirt collection, in regards to the skirt in this week's One 7 Ways voting. She asked if I could write about my skirts, and it seems like a fun different type of post.

I don't think I have so many skirts, but perhaps it seems like it. (I've sold some recently)

Black and White skirts!

1. Vanquish dot skirt; 2. tutuHA union jack skirt; 3. Justice spangle skirt; 4. W*C black lace skirt; 5. H&M tulle skirt; 6. Kohl's striped skirt; 7. H&M highwaist bandage skirt

Patterned and color skirts!

8. Target rose skirt; 9. H&M floral skirt; 10. Forever21 floral bandage skirt; 11. Target denim skirt; 12. Forever21 leopard skirt; 13. W*C dot skirt; 14. Target plaid skirt; 15. Forever21 abstract print skirt

Looking over the skirts, the majority are cheap or off brands, and I have more branded skirts in the black and white category haha. I believe its due to my natural tendency to black and white.

I'm never certain about patterned skirts so I guess I just prefer to buy cheap ones in case I can't use them or they don't suit me. I'd like to get some a pink skirt, but I've been buying straight skirts and shorts more now, since they look more mature TT

The leopard print skirt is really new, I just got it yesterday XD I sold my CRYX leopard print tutu skirt, and so I got this less fluffy version because a leopard skirt is necessary!

Here are the other things I've gotten recently. I'm in love with the middle colorful dress, it's so slimming and fun^^ The purple ethnic print sheer onepiece is so cool and should be good for summer heat.

And some earrings! Included only because I like how this pic turned out XD love the color of them tho.
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