Pafe Studio, a gyaru cafe

Hey everyone, sorry for missing a day yesterday. It was Memorial Day here in the US, so my friend came over and replaced my car battery (still need the alternator replaced though TT) and I just ended up with no time.

Well today I will review a cafe that might be interesting for those interested in gyaru, models, and/or sweets XD

That's right, the Pafe Studio Cafe! It is a cafe that is produced by the same company as the Cute! Girls of town models. And the basic premise is to bring customers into a close environment with the models.

Some young workers advertising the location of Pafe Studio

I decided to visit the Pafe Studio cafe because I thought it would be an interesting place to introduce here, and it's not well-known (especially overseas).

Pafe Studio is located halfway down on Takeshita Dori, in a very non-descript location. You can find directions on their site but when you get there it's rather hidden. Down a stairway, into a kinda older/less cared for building.

Pafe Studio, the kitchen area

You then enter the cafe to the left, which is decorated very cutely in pink and white colors. A few Cute! models will be there; some work the register and make the food, others are there just to be cute and take photos.

The model/worker making the parfait I ordered

Honestly it was SUPER awkward. There were only 2 other customers, just sitting off in the corner, there was no interaction - the models seems bored.

I could tell I was freaking them out, and it was just so uncomfortable >< Perhaps a cuter or better dressed foreign girl would receive a better reception than me but...

My order, a choco banana parfait for 500 yen

It was also awkward because these quite old and strange looking men would come in with girls, and take their photo on the photo wall. Were they models, or random girls?

I had ordered a parfait, which took an amazingly long time to make considering it was just decorated icecream haha! I was so happy to finally have something to do, and the parfait itself was fine.

Sorry, I don't know the left girl, but the right girl is MisaMisa who shows up in Popteen sometimes.

I asked the models there for a photo before I left, luckily they were kind about it. I think that is the main point of Pafe Studio.

You don't go here for the atmosphere or food, you go here to meet and take photos of models. So if you think of it that way you won't be disappointed!

This is the "photoshoot" area, I make awkward face for my awkward feeling haha!

150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-6-15 原宿ジュネスビルB1
Shibuya-ku, 150-0001 Tokyo 1-6-15 Jingumae Harajuku Junesu Bldg B1
TEL 03-5775-4898
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