ONE 7 WAYS 12th ed - Oversize sweater!

Oh wow, honestly I feel surprised at myself that I stayed on top of this new edition of the One 7 Ways, I had forgotten about it for so long. I thought I might never do it again...TT But trying it again has made me remember how enjoyable it can be!

This week the oversized sweater won over the floral ruffle tank by just one percentage point!! I think of the three items this one is the hardest to coordinate for sure, so I hope I came up with some good inspirations for you^^/

(looking over the past O7W, I think this might be a bit better atleast)

Style 1: Flowing oversize
This is a good look if you want to add some volume, the oversized sweater is placed over a white maxi dress and accented with a turquoise necklace. A leopard print headband adds some pattern while staying in the color family.

Style 2: Rock oversize
This is my favorite look, I wanna wear this one for sure XD I used a black tank top, acid wash shorts, a brown belt, silver cross necklace and sunglasses.

Style 3: Evening oversize
I also really like this one, it features a black bandage skirt that nicely offsets the largeness of the sweater. A black tanktop, black headband and a black cross necklace finish it out.

Style 4: Floral oversize
The bandage skirt look is repeated here, but this time using a floral print to catch the eye. I also used a pink cross necklace, bandeaux top and sunglasses.

Style 5: Throwback oversize
I personally think this feels a bit retro with the floppy hat, and using light wash flare pants. I also used a bandeaux top and a turquoise necklace. (sorry the shirt slipped off, no arms on the dressform you know XD)

Style 6: Peekaboo oversize
A patterned tanktop in another neutral - grey, peeks out from the oversize sweater. The pink shorts add a contrast, finished with a simple chain necklace and sunglasses.

Style 7: Everyday oversize
This is something I could see being worn at school, or a workplace depending on the dress code. A vest is used to breakup the sweater, with cropped boycut jeans. A cross necklace and blackhead are the accessories.

Thank you so much for checking out the One 7 Ways again after all this time. I hope you liked some of the outfits I came up with!
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