First day, first time in Nagatacho

Good evening, good evening! I'm gonna talk about my first full day of Japan Trip 8, its not really a travel writeup, but rather a daily recap. Perhaps this style of writing will be more interesting, and atleast it suits what I do in Japan better (ie. meetings, shopping, not so much sightseeing).

One of the first things I saw in Nagatacho - AKB48, they're everywhere now!

6-15-11's coordinate, taken in Nagatacho

My friend brought me to Nagatacho yesterday, because he wanted to show me the place he worked until recently. It was Prudential, their building has like 60 floors it was shocking, I didn't realize Prudential was so big here.

Best place to eat in Nagatacho, with Japanese and foreign waitresses! XP

But I'd rather eat here, man that looks tasty haha

After that we just walked around Nagatacho to see the more interesting points of the town. I guess Hooters is a great site right? No? haha! I saw a lot of restaurants as we walked to TBS headquarters, which is a main thing to see in nagatacho.

TBS has it's own Heliport!

TBS is Tokyo Broadcasting System, and is a main TV station. You can enter their building and see some interesting displays/information about their shows and take your photo with statues. Which is all I did haha!

Dang, I'm so cool with this Ultraman character!

TBS's mascot pig BooBo

After that we went to another site, which was a shrine called Akasaka Hie shrine. Its a large and expensive looking shrine. Currently it is running the Sanno matsuri, but it was during the week so there were not many people there at all. Its a lovely shrine, and a great place to visit if in the area.

Inside the shrine

Lovely music demonstration

They also have this mystifying torii XD

After that we looked at the garden on Prudential's ground and took the train back home. Later in the evening we went to Picasso to get some items and I picked out some conditioner. Which is Essential Nuance Airy:

It has a great smell, so lovely! It was ranked #1 by guys in the latest Popteen as the best smelling shampoo/conditioner. I also got some snacks of course, Kitkat bean sweets flavor and Matcha ice latte.

Sweets, gonna save the Kit Kats for other people tho^^

My makeup and hair style of the day! (added some glasses XD)

Sorry it got to such a long post! But hopefully everyone loves to see many photos, I think its more fun myself XD
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