Japan trip 8 arrival, and first day gets

Good morning everyone, its morning here but dinner time over in my hometown, what a big difference to get used to every time. As I mentioned before, I am not as into this trip as I had in the past. I guess its a combination of having more fun things to do in MN recently, and being so used to Tokyo now.

My "cute corner" here makes me happy, I brought some of my MLP from home to freshen it up XD

Anyway, the flight was quite nice, I went by Japan Airlines from Chicago this time. And I have to say it was the best service I've had on flight ever, and I've used a lot of carriers by now haha!

They provided real silverware, not just plastic flatware, hot towels, snacks available all the time, and the flight attendants were all so well kempt and not angry/surly. The plane cabin was really nice, but only 1/4 of the seats were economy. It was strange. But I will choose them again in the future if I can.

Now onto the "Gets" these are all things I ordered awhile ago even before I arrived in Japan, so I thought it would be a good thing to show as my first post back here.

The Galstar 3/11 disaster aid off-shoulder tshirt

Galstar white oversize shirt, look at those wrinkles XD

Galstar damage knit top

First the things I got from Galstar. the quality is quite reflective of the price haha, but everything is fine. The damage knit is 100% synthetic, so it should be ok to wear in the heat (I thought it was gonna be wool and itch me to death haha).

I also ordered a wig from ebay, its fairly nice for the price, but a bit of an "obvious wig" I will do a review of it next time I put it on again^^

And just some small other things my friend picked up for me on my request, which was so appreciated by me! The magazines are especially great! I really enjoy the otona looks in Glia and Soul Sister has a lot of styles not usual represented.

Well gotta go out and get the new Happie Nuts now haha.

Sugarbunnies x Tsubasa accessories so excited I could get them^^

Well that's it for now. As you may notice, these are phone shots as I apparently didn't leave a SD card for my camera here. So besides that, I will probably go shopping for some household items like water, conditioner, etc.
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