June magazine PICKS!

Hey there! I skipped blogging yesterday because I couldn't think of simple post to do at the end of a tiring day. Then I woke up this morning and thought - Picks! Oh it seems so obvious now :/

I'm hoping these magazine Picks will hold everyone over until I can make another post. I have my Nikko write-ups coming soon, I'm excited XDD Anyhow, please enjoy the Picks, I think there were some pretty good coordinates to choose from this month!


Though it's not a huge amount from Egg, the ones I do like, I like alot! Recchi's outfit looks especially fun to me, the high boots in spring XD And the bottom 3rd from left is lovely


I don't usually find too much in Jelly, and the models are not easy for me to relate to. But these outfits all look so wearable especially the white skull shirt in the bottom center!


Of course I find the most Picks in Nuts! It really suits my current taste I guess ^^ The outfit with the teal poncho and cowboy hat really stands out, though I hesitate to buy a cowboy hat just because I like it in one outfit XD


Though I fall outside the demographic/style of Popteen, it doesn't hurt to check it out imo. I found some really cute casual outfits!


I usually find nothing of much interest in Scawaii, but Yuria's outfits looked so great so I gave it another chance haha.
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