Kawaii.i, Japanese fashion resource, is launched!

Hey good morning everyone! Oh no, its already the afternoon here haha, its hard to have the energy to blog in the morning^^ But I come bearing a fun announcement that I think everyone will enjoy.

Introducing Kawaii.i (pronounced kawaii dot i) which is a facebook website/community all about Japanese fashion and cute pop culture. It is a spin off of the Tokyo Kawaii TV program, but it is geared towards foreigners.

It is being updated everyday with new photos of gyaru, lolita and other style photos as well as videos and news snipits. The most exciting part is the host is Mana Honda, who is a famous gyaru model for Jelly magazine. You can see more info about her role with Kawaii.i on her blog!

Here is the introduction video for Kawaii.i so you get a feel for what is being featured. Mana is so cute, and they already have 6 videos up featuring her fashion reports!

Kawaii.i really wants to serve you, the audience, so make sure to leave them feedback in the discussion section about what you'd like to see about Japanese fashion and cute things.

I'm thinking up a contest to help promote Kawaii.i so please look forward to that and more updates about Kawaii.i ^^/
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