It's Ikebukuro date time~!

Oh my gosh, my back is all seized up like crazy TT I had a fun day walking around Ueno which will result in some fun write-ups and reviews soon, but for some reason my back just went all bad. I hope it straightens out in the futon because tomorrow is DisneySea!!

Our meeting started in this lovely cafe

Anyway, to get back to life in Japan, now I'm gonna talk about my first Ikebukuro date of this trip on 6-17. If I'm going to Ikebukuro you know I'm meeting my girl Hana since she's over in that direction XD

And you can't deny Ikebukuro is a great place to hang out. Sadly it goes less noticed than some of the other cities in Tokyo, but it really should be given more credit as an entertainment area. It has the obvious Sunshine City, containing an Alta. But there are also maid cafes, cat cafes, shopping, tons of food arcades, everything.

Now I'm gonna make you hungry :D

Heading over to do some purikura

So the first thing we did was spend some time catching up and chatting. I'm sorry I'm so awkward at first Hana, but really its so great to have a close friend like you to see here. I feel so much more at home! We had tea and then I tortured myself snapping the cakes XD

UFO prizes at the arcade

Hana loves Debu-neko (Fat Cat)

We then decided to take purikura, because a date is not a date in Japan without purikura! Plus we didn't get to on our last quick meeting in January.

We entered this pretty looking newer machine

We ran a gauntlet of hosts and got talked to, it was my first time, I guess I am finally female enough to attract their attention XDD But anyways we could then have some fun playing the puri.

Our best shot I think, if I only I could make the heart shape...

They also had Tsubasa's BF Manual machine (I wish she still looked like this!)

One machine was new and one was old (that we used) and you sure can see the difference in quality that just a year or so can make. I really like newer machines haha, yes make me acceptable!

Caught this in just one try XDD

So then I caught something from a catcher called General Purpose Rabbit, and its created by the same guy as Gloomy Bear and that was about the end of the date there.

So I headed home for much needed dinner and my friend had made a new type of dish for us to try. It was called grilled ham sandwich made with hanpen instead bread, with shiso and nori!

It was so good! Haha. I hoped you liked another long post like this, of course I have plenty more!
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