Nikko Roadtrip: Nighttime in Utsunomiya

Ok, I will be bothering you with the Nikko Roadtrip series just 2 more times including this entry now. I have SO much I want to blog about, my brain goes a bit crazy. It's fun showing the rural view of Japan, but I think it will be enough for awhile after this series completes.

But! Today is not a rural view of Japan, today I am share with you our overnight stay during the Nikko trip. We stayed in a hotel in Utsunomiya, which is a small city in Tochigi prefecture, where Nikko is located. It was nice to have the conforts of the city after a long day roadtripping XD

A guide mook for Tochigi prefecture, I have always gotten good use out of these guides XD

By the time we arrived in Utsunomiya it was already evening so it was getting dark. We checked into our hotel that was kinda tucked away on a side street first thing, and it was fairly nice. It was dated, but had a nice tatami floor. For three people I think tatami and futons work more nicely.

Nightview of Utsunomiya near my hotel

But as I said it was evening, so everyone was getting really hungry and ready to eat. Like everywhere in Japan Utsunomiya has a "regional dish" or a food that is known as it's specialty. In this case it's gyoza! It's that great, I love gyoza!

Restaurant named Men Men

We decided to go to this gyoza restaurant because it was recommended in the guide mook shown above. Sorry to do this two posts in a row, but here's some more appetite inducers.

Tofu, something healthy for the dieter (ie me...TT)

But here's what everyone really wants, yummy gyoza

A covered shopping arcade, but already closed for the night

After eating there was a bit of time to explore Utsunomiya before going to bed, though everyone was tired so we couldn't spend too much time for it. Sadly I guess not many people go out in the evening because all the shops were already closed down!!

Dresses for local hostesses

Though there was not much time to see Utsunomiya, I did catch a glimpse of this hostess dress shop. I wonder what gyaru brand shopping may have been available there XD Well then we just went back to the hotel and had a sleep to get energy for last day haha.

View from the hotel window
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