Tokyo Kawaii TV event & clothing wishlist

Thank you everyone who took the time to leave me feedback on yesterdays post inquiry on starting a shopping service. The positive reaction was great and I especially appreciated the suggestions and questions people had, that's so helpful.

Anyway, while trying to think of what to post today all I kept seeing in my galleries were food photos TT Ah my brain XD So in an attempt to avoid that I will just combined some recent things into an hopefully interesting entry ha!

This is what I wore to the event. I'm having fun trying new looks.

I posted about it on my FB back when it happened, but I thought I would talk about it more indepth here. On 6/18 NHK invited me to their special invite only Tokyo Kawaii TV event featuring gyaru model blogger Yunkoro!! It was very exciting to see her up close.

Walking to the NHK building

I walked from Yoyogi-hachiman station back behind Yoyogi park to NHK headquaters and got a day pass. I was one of the last ones to enter, and I feel I was disturbing because everyone looked at me as I found my seat TT

But it was very fun, Yunkoro made over a random girl in the audience into a beautiful gyaru with a resort-kei coordinate. There was also a singing preformance and prizes given to yunkoro's favorite coordinates of the audience.

Yunkoro in the center, no I wasn't the faraway, I was in the 3rd row center XDD (image via Kawaii.i)

The gifts everyone received for attending (though I can't really use the program fliers haha)

NHK gave out some branded goods and information about their upcoming shows and such. I got the cute Domo charm and pencil which I have been using alot already haha. I guess Taylor Momson was at the event, but I didn't see her, but I saw so many other cute girls XD

Kawaii.i has an album of some of the girls who attended. The gyaru with the super cute marine coordi won Yunkoro's top prize btw!

Yunkoro wore this coordinate to the event, cute coral colored dress and floral sandals!

Seeing Yunkoro was so inspiring! Her outfit was super darling, she was wearing it in the July issue of Egg also (see above). When I saw her I felt I want to be thinner and more stylish, so here are some items I have on my wishlist XD

Lace pants!! Yumetenbo has larger sizes but all sold out now TT

Lipservice scarf print cami, so elegant!

Lipservice wide knit cardi, to cover my arms in a cool way XD

Sneep Dip crochet topper, another nice way to cover up


There's a couple more, but those are the main things I really want to get. I wouldn't mind some other things from Egoist, d.i.a, more Glad News etc but it depends how good the sales get heh heh.
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