Interest in an in-store shopping service?

I know I said I was going to make another post yesterday, but then I looked at the content of what I was planning on writing and I thought it was awfully boring and pointless haha! So I just watched some FiM and went to bed.

Now that I think about it, I could've been productive in some manner (like editing photos) but letting my mind run on internet autopilot won out once again! Anyway, that's not the point, this is:

What are your opinions on an 
In-Store shopping service?

I'm going to be here in Japan for another two months without any real reasons/plans, so I have tons of spare time to help other people out. And I know there are some services for online shopping, but getting things from Japanese stores without webshops is not so easy.

I would take orders for items in physical shops like tutuHA, Swimmer, SBY etc etc. (Any fashion, accessory, cute or character goods shops) Then go to the store, buy the item and ship it directly to your location around the world.

My fees would include a train fare fee (about 660 yen, the price it costs from Ichinoe to Shibuya), and a small fee based on the price of the item. The paypal fee and actual shipping cost would be covered by the buyer.

So would you be interested?

If there seems to be any interest I will set up a shopping service page with all the info this week and begin accepting orders immediately. And if anyone would want an online shopping service, I could set that up too.

Yes, my old photo that flies around Tumblr sometimes XD

I would really love to do this for everyone, please let me know your thoughts or concerns^^
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