1910+ Followers GIVEAWAY! CLOSED

Wow~! Exciting news - I am hosting another giveaway, only 2 months after the last one, and I'm so happy about it! This giveaway is brought to you in partnership with Shoppingholics.com, so I hope you know what that means! Yes, here's your chance to win some FREE CIRCLE LENSES (plus many other cute things!)

1910+ Followers Giveaway!

1 pair of GEO brand circle lenses (winner's choice), foam hair curlers, mouse ear lens case and hair velcro provided by Shoppingholics.com
1 pink cosmetics pouch, 1 pair of Chocola Rich Parfait eyelashes, 1 sparkly hairclip, 1 eyelash case, 1 Shibuya109 booklet featuring Honda Mana, Diamond Beauty booklet with Sayaka, Remi and Mizukitty, 1 cute tissues

All these items are brand new, the booklets are Japan-only items which feature famous gyaru models. The winner will be contacted about their choice of circle lens, and the items provided by Shoppingholics.com will be shipped directly from them to the winner.

* Must be a follower of Moments like Diamonds
* Must fill out the entry form below in full
* Must "Like" Shoppinghlics.com on Facebook
* Must follow shoppingholicscom.blogspot.com/

Please follow the above rules to be eligible to win the prize. If one part of the rules is unfulfilled, unfortunately that entry is then void. After receiving the circle lenses, the winner would please review them.

* Additional TWO entries possible for blogging or tweeting about this giveaway!!
* International entries accepted
* Winner contacted via email, and has 3 days to reply
* Please feel free to use above image when blogging about this giveaway

Thank you everyone for taking the time to check out my giveaway, I hope you will take a moment to fill out the entry form! I am very excited to share these prizes so please enter! I want to let everyone know I truly appreciate your continued support!
If you have any questions or comments please leave a reply on this post. DO NOT leave a reply as an entry, you must fill out the form above to enter. Thanks again!
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